Comments and Complaints

CareWest welcomes comments and complaints from clients as this is an important way for us to see how to improve our services for you. You have the right to make a comment or a complaint about any aspect of our services at any time.


You have the right to expect that any comment or complaint you make will be investigated and that complaints will be resolved within a reasonable time frame. You should be confident that making a comment or complaint will not result in you being discriminated against or your service being negatively affected.


You may nominate the person in CareWest who you would like to have as your contact person when making a complaint.

Here are different ways you can make a complaint.


1. Talk to your support worker or case manager. They may be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


2. If the complaint is not resolved, the support worker or case manager will refer you onto their Team Leader who will attempt to resolve your complaint.


3. If the complaint is still not resolved, the Team Leader will refer you to their Service Manager who will attempt to resolve your complaint.


4. For any reason you prefer not to raise your comment, complaint or allegation with the appropriate Service Manager you are able to raise it directly with Frances Shannon, CareWest’s Quality    Care Manager or Tim Curran, our Chief Executive Officer.


Post: PO Box 2500 ORANGE NSW 2800
Email: or
Phone: 1300 CAREWEST (1300 227 393)

5. If you would prefer you are able to directly write, email or call the NSW Ombudsman


Post: Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone:1800 451 524


You can also call 1300 CAREWEST (1300 227 393) to find out contact details for the government department that funds the service you receive – you do not need to give us your personal details if you do not wish to.


6. If you need help in raising your complaint please contact CareWest on 1300 CAREWEST (1300 227 393) to obtain information about advocacy services which are available to assist you.