Child and Family Services

CareWest Child and Family Services provides support for you and your family when you’re undergoing change or experiencing high levels of stress through a range of programs designed to nurture the next generation and alleviate challenging family situations. We offer help through skills building, early intervention and direct support.


Family Connections

Being a parent is very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. If your child is under twelve and you live in the Cowra or Young region, Family Connections is here to lend a hand.The Family Connections program offers support to families in the Cowra and Young regions with children under twelve. Family Connections understands that it’s not unusual to need an extra hand at times and offers a range of services to assist both families and children.

The program aims to build on the existing skills of individuals, families and their communities and enable everyone to be the best that they can be.


Do you have a child aged 0-8 with a disability, disorder or developmental delay and live in the Condobolin area? If you are struggling to access services or are confused by your child’s therapy plans, this program is here to help. Connections4Families aims to promote the wellbeing of families with a child aged 0-8 diagnosed with a disability or developmental delay. This service is also for families going through the process of diagnosis in the Condobolin area.

The service supports families’ resilience by working with each family’s strengths and the individual goals they have for their child. The Project Officer will offer the family information and assistance specific to their needs, including therapy support and access to the appropriate specialist and mainstream services. The Project Officer also contributes to the community by enabling local education and encouraging awareness.

Caring for Your Buraay

If you’re an Aboriginal family living in Dubbo with a child under five, or a service working with Aboriginal families, and you want to contribute to projects that will benefit your community, we’d like to hear from you.The aim of this program is to develop projects that aid and assist Aboriginal families with children under five. We work with the Dubbo community, as well as other services and organisations, to establish the right initiatives. Caring for your Buraay is all about positive partnerships that benefit families in the Dubbo community.
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Help your preschool child over the age of three reach their full potential. Through free-play and discovery learning, our Early Childhood Education Program will broaden your child’s first experience of education and encourage optimum development. Preschool is a time when children have lots of fun with others their own age. This CareWest program will encourage your child to reach his or her potential and our high quality Early Childhood Education Program encourages optimum development for preschool children over the age of three.

Preschool helps create a positive attitude towards learning and broadens the way children experience their first taste of education. Through a variety of enjoyable and stimulating learning experiences, preschool will leave children confident, enthusiastic and eager about starting big school.
We also have a number of governance resources available for preschools to use, which can be found in the Resources section of this website.
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Early Links

If your child has been diagnosed with a disability, is in the process of obtaining a diagnosis, or you’re simply concerned about your child’s development, the Early Links program can provide tailored support and guidance for you and your family.

If your child is aged 0-9 with a disability, disorder or developmental delay, then this program can help you access mainstream and specialist services. Our staff will listen to your specific concerns and make you aware of the relevant services available in your area.
We understand that every family is different, which is why Early Links will work with you to recognise and build on your own family’s strengths. Through information and referral, we’ll work with you to develop your existing support networks and create new ones that meet your family’s goals.
Early Links looks at the many ways children with a disability can fully participate, be part of the community, and plan for the future.
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Would you like to spend time learning and having fun with your child, while supporting them to start school with confidence? If you live in Orange and have a child who will be starting school in 2017, the HIPPY program might be right for you.

The two-year Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) helps develop the skills and confidence of parents or carers with children about to start school. A HIPPY mentor will enable parents or carers to recognise how a child learns, and what they can do to create a positive learning environment in their home. They will be encouraged to understand more about child development and be more involved in their own child’s learning. Additionally, regular group gatherings will give parents and carers the opportunity to connect with other families and learn about their community.
By fostering a love of learning the program builds self-esteem and enables children to start school confident and prepared.The Brotherhood of St Laurence holds the licence to operate HIPPY in Australia
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Intensive Family Support

If your family is struggling to care for a child or adolescent with a disability, help is at hand. Intensive Family Support aims to develop practical routines and support systems to resolve challenging behaviour and situations.

Caring for a child with additional needs can be very rewarding, but it can also be a great challenge.
Intensive Family Support is a 12-week intensive program tailored to meet the individual needs of families struggling to care for a child aged 0-17 that has been diagnosed with a disability.
Parents and carers play an important role in a child’s development and this relationship must be supported. We understand that every family is different, which is why this program is tailored to support each family member to make the changes that work for him or her. By identifying individual abilities we can help realise everyone’s potential and develop goals the whole family will feel comfortable with.
If your child is exhibiting very challenging or unsafe behaviour our aim is to ensure that all family members feel safe, supported and aware of all the options available to you.
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Ability Links

Ability Links NSW supports people with disability, their families and carers to live the life they want, as valued members of their community. Linkers work closely with people with disability, their families and carers to support them to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams. Whether the persons goal is to participate in sport, education, volunteering or other activities, the person remains at the centre of decision making about how they want to lead their lives.

Linkers have strong local knowledge and work alongside communities, supporting communities to be welcoming and inclusive. Ability Links NSW is for people with disability aged 0 to 64 years and carers and families of people with disability. Individuals, clubs, groups and businesses can also access Ability Links NSW for information and support on inclusion of people with disability. There is no formal assessment process or referral that needs to be met in order to access Ability Links NSW.

Stephen’s Story

Stephen, or Stevie as he is fondly known, has been a participant of CareWest’s Active Participation Program, formerly known as Day Program, since 2011. He loves spending time at the pool and clearly loves being in the water. Over the last six...