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Rhys Lord thinks CareWest's Transition To Work Program is the best Transition To Work Program he has been to. Nice words indeed to hear - but really this story is abou...


Being an older parent and caring for a child is complex. If this describes your situation and you have questions or concerns about the future, you’re not alone. The Older Parent Carer program is here to help you. If you’re a parent 60 years or older with a child who has a disability living at home, we can help you develop a program that provides support for the needs of both the carer and person being cared for. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393, or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1qhx5sb


Struggling to find the right help to care for a child or adolescent with a disability? Our Intensive Family Support can help you navigate the difficulties and complexities of caring for a child aged 0-17 that has been diagnosed with a disability. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393, or visit our website on http://buff.ly/27iHhlO


Want to spend time learning and having fun to increase the confidence of your child, supporting their transition into school? If you live in Orange and have a child who will be starting school in 2017, the HIPPY program might be right for you. Our Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) can help you and your family get school ready. http://buff.ly/1qhwMgX


If your child has been diagnosed with a disability, or you are concerned about your child’s development, the Early Links program can provide tailored support and guidance for you and your child between the ages of 0-9. We can help you access mainstream and specialist services to tailor a plan that meets the needs of your family. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393, or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1NsEe4c


Our variety of services at CareWest can assist you across a broad range of needs. See how we can assist you by calling 1300 227 393 or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1YpmWVU


This is a great insight into one person's journey with her new guide dog Lacey.


Sharing this from the CareWest Ability Links NSW page just because it is something beautiful to watch. Made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy! CareWest Ability Links NSW


Thanks to Electrolux for including us in its final round of charitable donations before the factory shuts down. The 20 stand up freezers will be utilised in our supported accommodation group homes, in our 4C complex in Orange and in our newly opened facility in Bathurst. We are so very thankful. CareWest photo stars today are Tony Pierce Senior Manager Finance, Accommodation Support Coordinator Leah Collits and Support Leader Michelle Calicetto. #electrolux #carewest


Are you caring for a relative or friend and in need of some support to balance being a carer with your work or study commitments? Our Employed Carers Support program gives you the time and space you need to balance your work and education commitments without sacrificing your caring roles. Every situation is unique and so the Employed Carers Support program has a flexible approach to ensure your individual needs and goals are met. For more information and eligibility criteria contact Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre on 1800 052 222 or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1TJwFlL


If the NDIS is relevant to you or a loved one, or you are just a curious person and want to know what it is all about, then check out our FAQs sheet by clicking on this link. http://bit.ly/1YqSYmE


If your child is over the age of three CareWest preschools can help them reach their full potential. Through free-play and discovery learning, our Early Childhood Education Program educates and encourages through a fun environment and engagement with children their own age. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393, or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1s4rIxD


Wanting to join the workforce, but unsure what options are available to you? Our Transition to Work program helps school leavers with a disability to get practical advice and assistance to get work-ready and aim for your dream career. For more information and eligibility criteria, contact 1300 227 393 or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1UXIIBh


Do you find outings to the shops, events or appointments hard on your own? Or simply enjoy having a cup of tea and company? Our Social Support service could make life easier for you. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393 or visit http://buff.ly/1s4r4Ad


While caring for someone with a disability can be rewarding, it can also be draining. If you feel a break from your role could benefit you both and keep your relationship strong, we offer a variety of respite options to suit you. For more information and eligibility criteria, call 1300 227 393 or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1NsDNGS


Are you a young carer under 18 years or a young adult carer up to 25 years? An Australian Government initiative, the Young Carer Respite and Information Services is designed to help you. With education support, respite and access to services we can assist you in looking after your wellbeing and progressing to achieve your goals. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393, or visit our website on http://buff.ly/1Te4uyd


Want to increase your independence by getting involved with your community? We can help you develop your skills in our fun and supportive Active Participation Program. We can help build on your interests, and help you grow as a person and get involved in your local community. For more information and eligibility criteria, call 1300 227 393 or visit http://buff.ly/1NsC1pr


Even on a freezing day in Orange the children were out having the best time participating in this fantastic program which was funded through our own Ability Links NSW service.


Unsure how to get help around your home while still maintaining your independence? Our In Home Support programs provide the flexible assistance that suits you. It gives you full control over which services you access, who delivers the services and when. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393 or visit http://buff.ly/1NsBiVf


Do you need to travel but find mainstream transport difficult? Community Transport provides a safe and affordable service helping you get out and about. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393 or visit http://buff.ly/1YpgQFb


Have a great weekend!


Confused about which services meet your needs best? Community Link can help you. Call 1300 227 393, for a confidential conversation with one of our experienced staff to discuss the services available to you. http://buff.ly/27iouHm


Our Ability Links Linker in Broken Hill, Natasha Bearman, advocating for the homeless.


Hi all you lovely nurses out there. Are you looking for after hours work and are interested in Telehealth? Take a look at this opportunity - you never know, this may just be for you.


Home Modifications can affordably help you live safely and independently in your own home. From widening doorways to replacing stairs with a ramp, we can help create a comfortable and safe environment that maximises your independence. For more information and eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1300 227 393 or visit


This is a lovely story about the NDIS and how it can work for families. CareWest will be running a series of information sessions to help answer any NDIS questions you may have. Register for more information about these sessions at info@cw.org.au or call us on 1300 CAREWEST (1300 227 393). #NDIS #disabilityservices #carewest


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New Human and Community Services research scholarship launched

Oct 27,2015

CareWest’s President, George Blackwell and CEO Tim Curran recently launched a Human and Community Services Research Scholarship...


Social Links for Social Inclusion

Oct 23,2015

Aside from challenges accessing health and medical services, seniors living in regional Australia also face barriers when accessi...




Customer Focus
CareWest is creating a Customer Reference Group (CRG) and is looking for current customers and carers to join. The CRG will assist CareWest improve services, policies and processes. If you are interested in participating in improving CareWest, email admin@cw.org.au or call 1300 CareWest (1300 227 393) and ask for Marc Bonney.

It is essential to CareWest that our customers are understood, appreciated, supported and empowered and that they enjoy superior quality services. We offer a range of specialised services that are flexible and responsive to meet the diversity of customers’ changing needs and goals.


Quality and Accreditation
We recognise that our customers want quality services tailored to their particular needs and wants. Our certifications and accreditations are evidence that we meet or exceed the required quality standards for the range of services offered by CareWest.

Beyond compliance is our commitment to quality improvement. Through its various feedback mechanisms, CareWest seeks to harness the views and ideas of its customers, carers and families to inform our practice and improve our service.
CareWest also seeks to implement evidence based best practice in the provision of its services, and to review and evaluate service outcomes for our customers, through the work of our Research and Evaluation Department.

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The safety and wellbeing of our clients is a primary concern and goal for all of us at CareWest. To this end, we take a multi-pronged approach which starts with the recruitment and induction of new staff. Through our rigorous screening processes we aim to ensure that we select professional staff who share our values and will keep our clients safe and free from harm.

Through our induction and training procedures we aim to ensure that our staff fully understand our clients’ rights and advocate for them at all times. Also that our clients themselves understand their rights and know how to assert them. Through our reporting procedures, we aim to ensure that any concerns that clients, carers or staff may have are immediately reported. CareWest works closely with community partners including police, the NSW Ombudsman and other agencies to establish safety networks for all who receive our services.

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CareWest Telehealth services provides ongoing, remote vital signs monitoring for customers. Helping people actively manage their own health including proactive monitoring of specific health measures can promote people’s long term health and independence, as well as improving quality of life for people and their carers.

CareWest Telehealth services are provided as one part of a broader service plan or care plan. Remote monitoring services can include: blood sugar level, heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, weight, blood oxygen, temperature and more. Monitoring services are provided by our Clinical Team which includes a Clinical Nurse Consultant and Registered Nurses. All services are supported by an ISO certified Telehealth provider.


Clinical Services
CareWest's Clinical Services team provides education and complex health case management to clients, their families, staff and many external stakeholders across a wide geographical footprint. Comprising a Behaviour Support Team, a Nursing Team, and a Speech Pathologist, the team adheres to best-practice standards to ensure the highest quality care and services are delivered to all CareWest clients.

To round off the services provided, the clinical team is eagerly anticipating the recruitment of an Occupational Therapist.
Clinical Services is responsible for providing leadership, clinical support, and staff training and supervision to enhance our capacity to support our clients and respond to their varied and changing individual care and support needs.
The Behaviour Support Team provides behavioural assessments designed to understand why behaviours of concern occur and then develop plans and strategies to assist the service users to learn more socially appropriate means of communicating, and to assist staff to support them.
The Clinical Nursing and Allied Health Team provides clinical expertise and advocacy to clients and their families or carers with complex and high clinical needs using an evidenced based health promotion model. Support is provided in the form of assessment, care planning, education and clinical case management.

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Advocacy and Interpreter Services
All clients have the right to use an advocate to assist them in communicating with CareWest. An advocate is a person who, with the client’s agreement, represents the client’s interests. You may use the advocate of your choice - they can be a carer, family member, friend, advocacy service, professional person or any other person you choose.

Interpreting help is available from the Translating and Interpreting Service National (TIS National) on 131 450 (local call cost from anywhere in Australia). TIS National provides an interpreting service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Research and Evaluation
In March 2015 CareWest established the Research and Evaluation Unit. Headed up by Dr Gregory Dresser, the Unit is responsible for developing strategic research priorities, leading research activities (including the interventions associated with research projects), and managing research systems and reporting requirements.

The Unit also supports the activities of Executive and Senior Management staff by providing internal consultation services on a broad range of issues, including corporate governance, project and program evaluation, tender writing, staff and sector-wide training and development, and business planning and reporting.

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Partnerships & Alliances
CareWest actively pursues partnerships and alliances with organisations that are focused on providing community services. Our aim is to forge positive mergers, partnerships and alliances with other groups interested in providing services tailored to the distinct needs of local communities and individuals in regional, rural and remote Australia.

During this period of significant sector reform it is critical that we do not lose the skills, knowledge, staff and assets built up over time within local communities. Rather we need to capture, preserve and strengthen them for the improved servicing and support of regional communities. The survival of local not-for-profit organisations is essential for rural economies, employment and the sustainability of regional essential services. Click here to download a copy of our Prospectus.


Risk Management
CareWest’s Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Strategy specify the commitment, processes and assignment of responsibilities, for designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing and continually improving risk management throughout the organisation.

Our effective risk management helps protect stakeholders and assets from adverse events and support the pursuit of opportunity.
Benefits include:

  • assistance in achieving service and corporate objectives;

  • improved identification of opportunities and threats;

  • pro-active decision-making, planning and management;

  • more effective allocation and use of resources;

  • improved stakeholder confidence and trust;

  • improved compliance; and

  • better corporate governance and internal controls.