Carer and Respite Services

The best care a person can get is from their loved ones. CareWest assists carers through respite, support and information to remain strong in their caring role. We work alongside carers of people with dementia, disability or mental health needs, young carers and older parent carers.


Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre

If you are a carer for someone frail, with a disability, or a chronic illness, the Central West Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre (CCRC) can provide you with information, referral and short-term, planned and emergency respite care. A carer is someone who provides practical and emotional support to a relative or friend who is frail, has a disability or a chronic illness, helping them to continue living in their own home and community.

The CCRC helps carers like you that may be under ‘carer stress’ access short-term planned or emergency respite care that is tailored to meet your individual needs. This might mean another qualified care worker taking over caring duties so that you can have a break from your usual responsibilities. This break could last a few hours, a weekend, or longer and take place in the home, community, or at a day centre or aged care facility. Our Federation cottage, Maple Cottage, provides a homely setting for carers like you that may be looking for residential respite options. The Residential Respite Booking service is just one of the options that might suit your needs. If you are caring for someone with dementia, we can also try to help you understand your situation a little better with our Dementia Education and Training for Carers service. The centre will work closely with you to develop the best respite options for both yourself and the person you care for. You can call the CCRC on 1800 052 222 to directly access CCRC programs.

Older Parent Carer

When you are an older parent, caring for a child with a disability can present some challenges as well as rewards. If this describes your situation and you’re worried about the future, we can assure you don’t have to manage it on your own.

CareWest’s Older Parent Carers program is here to help you. If you’re a parent of 60 years or older with a child (18+) who has a disability and is living at home you are eligible to use this service. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of 45 years or older who care for a family member living at home with a disability – not necessarily their child – are also eligible.
We’ll work with you to develop a program that provides support, builds independence and helps both parties be the best they can be. Staff will work closely with individuals and take into consideration the ‘whole-of-life’ needs of both the carer and person being cared for.
This could include considering future planning options, building on existing family or social support, developing living skills of the offer of domestic assistance. Both individuals will be encouraged to be part of the planning process, so they are working towards a bright future and building the best program for them.

Dementia Respite

Caring for a family member, friend or neighbour with dementia can be very challenging at times. If you need some support, or simply a break, we can offer you a variety of respite options to fit your individual needs.

This might include overnight respite care or a day program that allows you to have some time off. Our Federation cottage in Orange, Maple Cottage, is a homely place with private rooms and a large living area where people can spend time relaxing or mixing with others. We can also arrange community outings in small groups.
Most importantly, our respite service is planned together with the carer and person receiving care to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and helpful respite options for you.
Through our assessment process and detailed care planning our experienced and qualified staff can offer you the right help for your circumstances.
Dementia education and training

Dementia Education and Training

Would you like to increase your understanding of dementia and develop your coping skills? We can provide education and training for carers and families of a person with dementia (and/or challenging behaviour) to assist you increase your dementia care skills

The program offers tailored education across a wide range of topics to support carers and the persons they are caring for.  For further information contact Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre on 1800 052 222.
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Employed Carers

Are you caring for a relative or friend who is aged 65 and over, or 50 and over if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and in need of some support to balance this role with your work or study commitments? Our Employed Carers Support program can offer you the time and space you need to work towards your own work and education goals without having to sacrifice your caring duties.

We know that being the carer of a relative or friend who is older, or has a chronic disability or illness while balancing the demands of work or study can be difficult and stressful. It’s why we’re here to help. The Employed Carers Support program can help you juggle your busy life by providing a range of services for the person you care for, including short term respite care at home, in the community, in a cottage setting or an aged care facility; access to day centre and community activities; drop in and wellbeing checks. The program also provides you with much needed time out for you to socialise, study, focus on your work, and enjoy the things you haven’t had time for.
We know that your situation is unique, the Employed Carers Support program has a flexible approach to ensure your individual needs and goals are met.

Young Carer Respite and Information Services

Are you a young carer under 18 years and struggling with school? Or you may be a young adult carer up to 25 years looking for information and services. An Australian Government initiative, the Young Carer Respite and Information Services can help you with education support, respite and access to services to improve your wellbeing and achieve your goals.

If you’re a young person who has, or shares, the responsibility of caring for a family member or friend who is older or has a disability, the Young Carer Program is here to lend a hand.
While caring for someone can be hugely rewarding, there are challenges involved for young carers who are also trying to study and stay at school. We understand these challenges and can help in a variety of ways. The Young Carer Respite and Information Services program can help young carers like you with tuition; respite during exam times, when an assignment is due or just to study. The program can also help with taking part in school activities, counselling and referring you to ongoing services.
The priority of this service is to help you succeed at school and complete your education. If you’re a young carer who has left school, we can support you with information and referral services.
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Severe & Profound

People living with severe or profound disabilities require significant or total support with activities of daily life including personal care, communication, mobility and access to the community. An Australian Government initiative, the Severe and Profound respite service can help provide information, referral and respite support for carers of young people 30 years of age and under who have a severe or profound disability.

The program offers short term respite which caters for the high and complex needs of these young people in order to give their carers a break, or provide other supports such as education and counselling.
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Mental Health Respite

If you are caring for a family member or friend affected by mental health issues, psychiatric disability, autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disability, our Mental Health Respite Carer Support program can provide you and your family a flexible approach to information, education, support and respite services to meet your needs.

The Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre (CCRC) Mental Health Respite Carer Support program will work with you to understand the respite options available and how they can be used to meet the needs and goals of not only you as a carer, but your family and the person you care for.
This program aims to support you in your role as a carer, by providing information, education, access to counselling, as well as respite to give you a break. Sometimes it’s important to have time out from caring to stay in touch with family and friends. If you’re a young carer, you may need extra help with support at school. There are also camps for young people who care for a family member with mental health issues, giving you the chance to have fun away from your caring responsibilities.
Every caring situation is unique and the CCRC will work with you to develop the respite options that best suit your needs.
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Disability Respite

Respite is an important part of CareWest’s disability services as it helps keep the relationship strong between both carers and the person they care for. If you think you could do with some support or a break from your caring duties, we offer a range of respite options that could suit you.

While caring for someone with a disability can be rewarding, it can also be very demanding. At CareWest, we believe it’s important for both the carer and the person they care for to have a break so you can keep the relationship strong. Our Respite Program offers group, peer or individual support for people aged 0 – 65 with disabilities and their carers, people like you. We are committed to working with each individual and catering to your specific needs, making sure we meet your values, beliefs and cultural expectations. Our motivated, dedicated and professional staff will offer you the best possible care and ensure your comfort during your time in respite. We run a variety of different support services from afterschool care, to young adult peer support, to afternoon care for adults in day programs as well as individually tailored services. Whatever you need, we will help you. With two facilities, Anson Cottage and Dalton Respite Centre, in Orange adding to the units in Cobar, Nyngan, Bourke and Lightning Ridge, we also have the facilities to support people with physically high needs and soon we will be able to provide twenty-four hour respite for those who need it most.

Sue’s Story

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