NDIS and Disability Services

CareWest delivers a range of flexible support services which promote independence while assisting people with a disability to lead their best life possible and achieve their life goals. We provide a range of programs, both centre-based and community-based, as well as flexible self-managed options.

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The NDIS supports people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. We will work with you to identify supports you need to live your life. Supports may help you achieve goals in many aspects of your life, including independence, involvement in your community, education, employment and health and wellbeing.

The NDIS gives you more choice and control over how, when and where your supports are provided, and gives you certainty you will receive the support you need over your lifetime.
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Supported Accommodation


If you’re an adult or young person with a disability, CareWest’s Accommodation Services could be available for you. Our Accommodation Services helps you to be independent, develop your living skills and make friends.

If you’re an adult or young person with a disability, CareWest’s Accommodation Services can help you to become more independent, connect with your community and live the life you want.
We tailor our accommodation and support services to meet your own needs. This could mean helping you with meeting new people and making friends, looking after your health, or improving your living skills. Our support workers work hard to make sure you get the support for your social, emotional and physical well-being. They do this by helping you learn the skills that matter to you to create greater independence, confidence and self-esteem.
Whether you’re an adult living with a disability looking to make a change to more independent and rewarding living, or a young person with a disability who is moving out of home or hospital, we might be able to assist in making your new life a success.
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Active Participation Program

If you’re an adult living with a disability who would like to become more independent by getting involved with your community, developing your skills or doing something you’re interested in, then CareWest’s Active Participation Program, previously known as Day Program, could be for you.

Our Active Participation Program aims to develop skills for independence, recreation and social inclusion. Volunteer work placements can give people with a disability the opportunity to get involved within the local community and build on existing interests. From creative arts to literacy and pet therapy, our tailored individualised programs are varied and designed specifically for the person in question - either in an individual setting or, if others share the same interests, a group environment.
Onsite nurses, behavioural specialists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists will be available to assist in assessment and care management for those who need a bit more support. Our dedicated, trained staff will make every effort to provide the best opportunities and the best care to those who join us on these programs.
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Disability Respite

Respite is an important part of CareWest’s disability services as it helps keep the relationship strong between both carers and the person they care for. If you think you could do with some support or a break from your caring duties, we offer a range of respite options that could suit you.

While caring for someone with a disability can be rewarding, it can also be very demanding. At CareWest, we believe it’s important for both the carer and the person they care for to have a break so you can keep the relationship strong. Our Respite Program offers group, peer or individual support for people aged 0 – 65 with disabilities and their carers, people like you. We are committed to working with each individual and catering to your specific needs, making sure we meet your values, beliefs and cultural expectations. Our motivated, dedicated and professional staff will offer you the best possible care and ensure your comfort during your time in respite. We run a variety of different support services from afterschool care, to young adult peer support, to afternoon care for adults in day programs as well as individually tailored services. Whatever you need, we will help you. With two facilities, Anson Cottage and Dalton Respite Centre, in Orange adding to the units in Cobar, Nyngan, Bourke and Lightning Ridge, we also have the facilities to support people with physically high needs and soon we will be able to provide twenty-four hour respite for those who need it most.

Transition to Work

Are you a young a person who is about to leave, or has left, school who is aged 18-25 years and has a diagnosed disability? One of CareWest's Vocational Services program, Transition to Work, can help talk with you about future options and develop a program which will suit your individual needs. We can provide advice and practical assistance to help you successfully transition to sustainable employment through empowerment to develop work ready skills and confidence.

We understand that each person is unique and has their own dreams and goals which is why Transition to Work takes an individualised, holistic approach to building practical skills. We achieve this through: Training and skills development through OTEN, correspondence TAFE, self-paced learning with industry recognised outcomes; a “You Can Do It” learning approach which includes the five keys of success: confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, emotional resilience; Work experience and community participation; Resume/portfolio development/interview techniques, job seeking skills, personal presentation; Budgeting and money skills; Travel training; WHS training; First Aid; and Computer skills.
CareWest Transition to Work aims to empower young people to feel valued and to play an important part in their local community through employment, volunteering or work experience.
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Home and Community Care

CareWest provides a range of services to support you in the home or community. These include Social Support, Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, In Home Support, Community Transport and Home Modifications.

All services are designed to enable people to live independently for as long as possible and to maintain a healthy home environment.
Case Management

Case Management

Are you struggling to find your way through the maze of disability services? Are you looking for options that are suited to your specific needs? If you think you need some guidance then CareWest’s Case Management program can help.

CareWest offers a variety of services that aim to support people with a disability. Our goal is to help you retain your independence and enable you to stay in your own home and community. We’ll link you with a personal care planner who will help you find the most suitable services to meet your needs. That could include personal care, meal preparation, transport, respite or some help with chores around the house. If you have a carer, or are a carer yourself, we can also offer respite guidance and information about the different options available to you. We understand that in these circumstances it’s likely that your care requirements may be ongoing and sometimes complex. Our aim is to guide you through these complexities and provide you with peace of mind when you need it most.

Stephen’s Story

Stephen, or Stevie as he is fondly known, has been a participant of CareWest’s Active Participation Program, formerly known as Day Program, since 2011. He loves spending time at the pool and clearly loves being in the water. Over the last six...